Many of you read our previous guest interview with Dolls from Heaven when we introduced you to their incredible ministry and their first doll, Saint Thérèse! If you'd like a review or to find out how Dolls from Heaven got started, please read our previous interview!
Today, we will be talking with The Kiczek Family about how their ministry has blossomed and inspired so many. We'll also be introduced to their newest doll, Saint Joan of Arc! Saint Joan happens to be my patron saint, so I couldn't be more excited that they've chosen her as their next doll.
therese and girl original1
How has your ministry been doing since starting Dolls from Heaven?
It continues to grow and inspire children every day.  By the grace of God, we were able to order another set of Thérèse dolls because the first run is almost sold out and add a second doll, St. Joan of Arc to the Dolls from Heaven’s doll family. We have now the Co-Patrons of France. They will make a great team and can share clothes as Thérèse loved to dress up as Joan of Arc. As it is now, the St. Joan of Arc doll is available for pre-order and the estimated shipping date is early October. All pre-orders get a 10% discount, the coupon code is "Joan." We worked very hard all summer on the St. Joan of Arc book and we hope to inspire all who read to trust in God and to know that everything is possible with God.
Are there any new stories you can share with us about how your dolls have inspired others?
About two weeks ago, one of our customers and her daughter went to Lourdes, France and took her Thérèse Doll with her. They brought our St. Thérèse doll to the blessed spot where Our Blessed Mother appeared to St. Bernadette. They told us that the doll was much admired by all the people who saw her. The Thérèse doll is a powerful witness to young and old in spreading the love of Jesus to everyone.
Here is the full story with pictures on our blog.
What made you decide to create a doll to honor St. Joan of Arc? How is her witness relevant and important to children in our world today?
We have always loved St. Joan of Arc and what she stands for, so we knew we wanted to make a doll of her someday. At the same time, we love St. John Paul II just the same. We could not decide which doll to make, so we prayed about it and at the end asked our customers to decide between St. John Paul II and St. Joan of Arc. St. Joan won by the slimmest of margins.  We hope to make a St. John Paul II doll next year.  
 Joan book and flag
St. Joan of Arc is an amazing saint that will inspire all to become brave saints just like she was by the grace of God. She is a true warrior who fought fearlessly to defend her country and accomplished the mission that God had given her. She is a real hero and great witness to young and old. St. Joan of Arc is very relevant with so many dangers to keeping the faith nowadays and we need a powerful witness testifying that "Nothing is Impossible for God". Joan of Arc was a 17-year-old shepherdess who became the General and Chief of the Armies of France, and then won with her army everywhere she went. This will inspire children to dream of doing great things for God and show them that Saints are true super heroes!
St. Joan is my patron saint. As a woman, her example has been very powerful and formative for me. How do you feel Joan’s example is especially important for women in our culture?
The message of Joan is so important today.  Her bravery and courage is a great witness to what prayer and trust can do in anyone's life.  She was the smallest, least person in the Kingdom of France and by following God's call she freed her beloved France from the powerful English invaders. St. Joan became not only a soldier for France but a Leader of the French Army in a time when the thought of a woman being a soldier, let alone a captain was unthinkable.
As Women throughout the world are increasingly called up to serve in the defense of their country they will find no better example to lead them to victory than Joan of Arc.  St. Joan’s story can teach all and especially women that if they allow God to lead them in their lives, they will see the wonders God can accomplish through them. Our Lord wants all to trust in Him and once you do that, He will lead you to things that you never dreamed of. As St. Catherine of Siena said, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire,” and it is only then that one will find true happiness.
How can we all use St. Joan’s example to grow in our faith?
Faith is to believe in things not seen and to trust in God's plan for our lives.  We can all hear the voice of God through our parents, our pastor and priests, through the Bible, and through this wonderful story of St. Joan of Arc; all calling us to pray and trust God's great plan for all our lives, if we follow Jesus.  It is scary sometimes but with prayer and trust you can be as brave as St. Joan.   
 joan and therese together
 Saint Thérèse and Saint Joan
How has Dolls from Heaven helped you grow in your faith since the last time we spoke? 
We continue to step out in faith in regard to this company. Every doll is a tremendous risk and financial undertaking, and our investment continues to be poured back into the company as well as repaying loans to make these dolls. We cannot see the end of this road, but we trust in God's Providence that He is leading us well. We have to pray every day to help this company grow and the prayers of all our friends and customers have kept us moving along one day at a time. Our mission and our prayer are to inspire children to become saints through the wonderful stories of real life heroes, the saints.
For more information about Dolls from Heaven and to order your doll, please visit the Dolls from Heaven Shop
The Purified Palate is honored to promote and spread the mission of Dolls from Heaven. Thank you for joining us, Kiczek Family!