I see so many moms-to-be on social media asking our tribe what they should pack in their hospital bag when they're going to deliver their baby.

I often found myself re-posting my must-haves, so I figured I'd just post it all here in one place so I can easily share it whenever the opportunity comes up! I recommend having your bag packed around the 8 month mark, just to be prepared.

For Momma

Flip flops

Warm robe to wrap around you quickly for taking strolls around the hospital while in early labor or post labor

Eye covers and ear plugs-because it's super hard to get any sleep with all the random lights and noises of a hospital!

Do not disturb door knob sign- Sometimes, your Labor and Delivery floor will require periodic checking of yours or baby's vitals, but if you ask, sometimes they will respect that you really just need a few straight hours of uninterrupted sleep! Putting this on the door will remind them or any unexpected visitors that you, your partner, and your new little one really need to rest.

Lip gloss or chapstick-hospitals can be super dry. I especially love the Lip Balms from Beautycounter, as all their products are completely non-toxic and safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. You can find them HERE. The Rejuvenating Eye Cream is especially a treat because it soothes and reduces dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness if you're sleep deprived. This is a huge treat for a new momma! (Hint-place the cream in the fridge for a cooling effect!)

Essential oils-if you're into these, finding one you really like can be super nice for calming and relaxing you, or for drowning out the weird smells of a hospital. Otherwise, an essential oil-based lotion works great, too! Make sure it does not contain peppermint, as this can affect your milk supply.

Warm socks

Water bottle with straw for easy sipping

Throat lozenges- for dry hospital air

Healthy snacks-for you and dad to munch on during downtime or when cafeteria is closed.

Spare change for vending machines

Hair brush

Hair ties

Contacts case, solution, eye glasses, extra contacts

Blow dryer-if you want to dry your hair, hospital hair dryers aren't usually that effective

Soft medium-sized towel/towels for your face. Hospital towels are full of bleach and can be hard and scratchy

Your own shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, deoderant, etc.

Non-toxic wet wipes to wipe down post labor if you aren't able to take a shower right away

Adult diapers-yes, this sounds gross, but the disposable underwear and pads provided by the hospital are really awkward and don't stay put very well! A friend shared this advice with me for my first, and she was totally right!


Phone charger

Baby book, pregnancy journal, or small notebook/pencil-to record any special moments or memories and baby's first hand and foot prints

Rosary or any other special devotional

Print and bring this beautiful religious piece: How to Have a Baby

My brother, who will be ordained this summer, found this and sent it to me years ago. It is a beautiful and brilliant piece on the sacredness of motherhood and how close childbirth and motherhood bring us to Christ. It is a wonderful way to prepare your heart and mind for bringing baby into the world and it gave me so much courage and comfort during a time filled with so many emotions ranging from joy, excitement, fear, etc. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Nursing bras-I recommend buying them in cotton, to absorb any additional moisture from sweat or breastmilk. Also, I highly recommend investing in a good quality bra, so they give good support but also last through other children! I use Bravado bras and have been very happy with them. You can find them on their website or through Amazon.

Breastfeeding pads

Clothing for you to go home in. Make sure the waste band is relaxed and stretchy in case you end up having a c-section. If it's summer time, a maxi dress is perfect!


For Baby

Outfit for going home

Stocking cap

Warm socks or booties

Baby mittens/hand covers-their new little hands sometimes come out with super sharp fingernails! Keep baby's hands covered to prevent them from accidentally scratching their face.

Warmer clothes if it's winter and a blanket to cover them while in the carrier to the car.

Light muslin swaddle blanket for added warmth from the A/C in the car if it's summer time.

Carseat for taking baby home

At around the 8 month mark, make sure to have a professional make sure you've installed your car seat correctly and that straps are in correct place for baby. You can often find someone to help at a local police or fire department. Not sure how to correctly strap in your baby? Read HERE. Also, if it's winter, be sure not to strap infants in a car seat with bulky winter gear. This can be a safety issue.

Carseat mirror

This is so helpful so you can watch baby from the front seat while they're in a rear-facing car seat!

*hospitals usually provide all diapers, clothing, swaddling blankets, breast feeding supplies/pump, etc, for when baby is in the hospital, and usually send you home with some additional supplies. I recommend calling ahead and asking them, as each hospital may be different.

We received this awesome recommendation from our reader, Theresa:

"Even though I had all of my kids in the Catholic hospital here in town, there was not a Crucifix in the labor rooms. There was a Cross but not a Crucifix. When my youngest was born I finally had the forethought to bring a Crucifix and, let me tell you, that made all the difference in the world to me during labor. I doubt that is what shortened the labor... she was born after only 20 minutes of real labor, but that Crucifix made everything more meaningful after she was born."

Is there anything you would add to this list? Feel free to comment and share!