Okay...this is going to be a very painful blog entry to write....mostly because I have to admit some things about myself that I struggle with and.....that pride thing. Ugh. Thank God for His mercy and for giving me a husband who is so patient and merciful with me!

Before having our little one, I thought I trusted my husband in all things 100%. Turns out, I didn't trust him as much as I thought or as much as I really need to. Why is that? The trust I struggle with has nothing to do with fidelity. It all has to do with my expectations of him and trusting him to fulfill his vocation as HE'S meant to...... as we both enter this daunting yet amazing journey called, "Parenthood". *Insert heralding trumpets here*. 

Ten months in, I am doing much better (still not perfect!) at letting go and trusting God and my husband. Looking back on this time of growing pains, there are many things I've learned as I continue discerning how God wants me to be a better wife and mom. I hope I can make sense of it all. Here goes!