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Hello and welcome to The Purified Palate! I am so excited that you have stumbled across this blog! I hope you’ll stay and join me as we explore our beautiful faith together.

Be you a single woman, business woman, mom, grandma…I hope this blog blesses you with a place to renew and refresh yourself in His beautiful truth and join other Catholic women as we seek and savor that truth together!

As Catholic women, we have so many unique gifts, experiences, and perspectives to share. All of these things provide so much good to the world around us: our family, work place, parish community, and beyond. Especially during this time of the New Evangelization, I hope to bring many of you together so we can spread the beauty of our faith and make the world around us a better place; beginning with ourselves.


Here at The Purified Palate, my goal first and foremost is to bring you His truth. There are so many counterfeit versions of His truth out there and I want this to be a place that provides you with His glorious and freeing truth. Sometimes that truth is obvious and easy to accept, while other times it is elusive or hard to accept. But that's okay! One of the most beautiful aspects of our faith is we can wrestle with those big questions and work through them with our loving and amazing God and through our fellowship with others! Together, we'll seek and savor His truth through various blog topics that:

  • celebrate the awesomeness of being daughters of Christ
  • explore Catholic church teaching
  • interview various people in the Catholic community
  • feature guest bloggers who specialize in certain topics
  • teach us fun DIY projects, tips on healthy living, and more!

As an added bonus, please subscribe to our email list and add us to your Twitter, facebook, Pinterest, and/or Bloglovin’ feeds. These are great tools to help you stay plugged in to what we're up to, as well as what’s going on within the Catholic community and beyond!

First up on the blog, we'll be celebrating National Vocations Awareness Week by visiting with a Jesuit Seminarian. He'll be sharing his journey of becoming a Jesuit and how we can foster and cultivate religious vocations in our homes and parish communities. Stay tuned!

If you feel you have a perspective or a topic you’d like to share with the community of The Purified Palate, please feel free to contact us. I look forward to getting to know and serve you along the journey ahead!

Your sister in Christ,